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Death Stranding

Sam Porter Bridges


Sam is the protagonist of the incredibly artsy and innovative video game Death Stranding – a game that took the label “postapocalyptic” a tad too literal. Because Sam is basically Norman Reedus starring in a dystopic UPS simulator, tasked with delivering a staggering amount of parcels from one secluded post-apocalyptic US city to the next. Because that alone surely wouldn’t make for a game incurring a multitude of awards from various gaming magazines and sites, there’s gotta be someone making Sam’s job worse than it already is – and that person is Higgs.

Higgs Monaghan


Higgs is the antagonist of Death Stranding – and his sole purpose is to f*ck Sam’s shit up. As head of the seperatist group “Homo Demens”, Higgs is behind multiple terrorist attacks on the remnants of what once were the United States. The “Man in the Golden Mask” is a fun-loving and hilariously overpowered lunatic with a fierce obsession for Sam and Fragile. It is widely unknown whether his true motive remains hidden or whether he doesn’t even need one to go on Sam’s nerves.



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Sam Costume Status 0

Progress Pictures Sam

Higgs Costume Status 0

Progress Pictures Higgs



Sam's Odradek 0

  • 3D modelled in AutoDesk Fusion 360
  • Sanded & filled in gaps
  • Soldered Circuit for Adafruit NeoPixel Strip & Motor
  • Programmed with Arduino
  • Assembled

Left to do:

  • Paint
  • Assemble
  • Mount

Higgs' Mask 0

Left to do:

  • Attachment to undermask

Sam's Odradek 0



  • Gloveplates 3D Model by Pasta (using AutoDesk Fusion 360)
  • 3D print in PLA
  • Thermoshaped with warm water
  • Sanded, filled in gaps, sanded even more…
  • Gold-plated
  • 3mm vegetabile leather cut & tooled
  • Gloves sewn from Cordura & stretchy pleather

Left to do:

  • Paint leather parts
  • Attach to gloves

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