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Neues Cosplay Reveal Video

Unser neues Cosplay Reveal Video ist online!

Darin zeigen wir euch Pasta’s neuestes Cosplay: Paketbote Sam Porter Bridges aus Hideo Kojimas neustem Videospielhit „Death Stranding“.

Wir hoffen euch gefällt das Video!

Aktuelles CMV

In unserem aktuellen CMV sind die Charaktere Nero und V aus dem Spiel Devil May Cry 5 zu sehen. Wir haben uns die geballte künstlerische Freiheit herausgenommen, die beiden Charaktere in einer romantischeren Beziehung zu zeigen als im Original. Sagt nicht, wir hätten euch nicht gewarnt 😉

Der Song dazu ist Billie Eilish’s „When the Party’s Over“ – ein Song, der genau die Stimmung hat, die wir uns für unser Video vorgestellt haben.

For The Love Of Moving Images

While photography is already an amazing medium for creating a story around your cosplay, a video allows you to tell stories from a different angle. We filmed our first video back in 2017 together with our friend RemainInLullaby and instantly fell in love with this art form. What began with three people, a camera and a gimbal made from PVC-piping on a freezingly cold hill soon became one more hobby of ours.

Now we don’t just produce Cosplay Music Videos but also started making Vlog-like short videos to show our convention experiences.

And of course we also film our Cosplay Progress from time to time and make Videos with it!

Our Cosplay Music Videos

Pasta’s commentary:

Ever since finishing the game, I had this idea stuck in my head how perfect “I gave you all” fits for Arthur & Dutch – how the story of King Lear in general fits them so well.

A few scenes were filmed with this song in mind already, a few more were filmed spontaneously. We did three location changes the day we filmed our cosplay music video, involving lots of hiking in valleys, up some super steep hills before realizing we forgot all of our camera’s spare batteries in the car at the foot of the hill, lol. In the end, we were so lucky with the setting sun and amazing light. I was lucky for my amazing friends who let me pull them along on a stressful day full of photo- & video shooting.
I’m super proud about all the amazing footage our friend Marie shot, I’m super proud of Aby’s amazing Dutch costume & acting. My heart ached a lot editing all of that footage and I loved every second of it.

I really hope you enjoy watching it as well – let me know what you think.

I Gave You All


Our Red Dead Redemption 2 video featuring a lot of outlaw angst with protagonist Arthur Morgan and his boss/dad/mentor Dutch van der Linde.

The song we picked is „I Gave You All“ by Mumford & Sons – almost a quote from our dearest Arthur Morgan.


Arthur Morgan: Pasta

Dutch van der Linde: Aby

Videography: Remaininlullaby

Cut & Edit: Pasta



AHS Murder House CMV


Are you up for something truly spooky?

Then check out this video!


Violet Harmon: RemainInLullaby

Tate Langdon: Abyssinian

Videography, Editing & Cut: Pasta

Far Cry


Far Cry 5 CMV


Our very first Cosplay Music Video!


Faith Seed: RemainInLullaby

John Seed: Pasta

Joseph Seed: Abyssinian

Videography, Editing & Cut: Pasta

Cosplaying Couple

We are a cosplaying couple enjoying their hobby to the fullest. We love to learn new techniques to make our favorite characters come to life on pictures, in videos, live at conventions or on stage. We also love to share our knowledge with others by writing articles and hosting theoretical panels as well as practical workshops. If you are interested in one of the topics we cover or need two judges for your contest, feel free to send us an inquiry.

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