Red Dead Redemption 2 Cosplay photo- & videoshoot

Back in summer, we met up with our friend Elvesgonewild and shot our Red Dead Redemption 2 cosplays! Actually, we had planned to wear these costumes to multiple conventions in 2020 and visit a cowboy reenactment city to take really authentic photos, but yeah, the pandemic happened.
Instead, we spent a nice weekend together, used multiple locations, including our attic, a prairie-like-looking meadow with cows and a rural looking barbecue place in the wilderness. We also managed to film a few scenes that we put together to a Cosplay Music Video and we’re super proud how it turned out, despite us mostly just taking turns in filming.

Sadie Adler Cosplay by elvesgonewild
Arthur Morgan Cosplay by Pasta
Dutch van der Linde Cosplay by Aby

We hope you enjoy!

Hi, I'm Pasta and I have been cosplaying since 2008. I specialize in prop making, 3D-modeling & printing, and photography.

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