Thranduil Photoshoot

Back in April 2020, just when stores and all free time activities closed in Germany because of the pandemic, we were met with a lot of time on our hands. And as taking walks was still allowed, we thought to combine our regular walks in the woods with a photoshoot of Aby’s Thranduil.

When we arrived at one of our favorite mushroom-picking-spots, we were devastated though. Half of the forest that we used to roam barely one or two years ago, was just gone. Most of the trees had been cut down because they were infested with bark beetles who are currently thriving in our woods. Being confronted with the direct consequences of climate change just in front of our doorstep, really moved us that day and we think it’s also visible on the photos we created.

Thranduil, king of the woodlands, is probably one of the more believable fantasy characters to grieve a very real problem of our time and mourn the loss of the lush and vast landscapes his creator J.R.R. Tolkien so vividly described.

Even though this was a very grim opener to Aby’s Thranduil Cosplay gallery, we still hope you enjoy the photos.

Maybe they inspire you to contemplate what you can do to help our planet <3
A good start is to read on the psychology of climate change and challenge your own beliefs, anxiety or denial in order to take action without being overwhelmed.

But enough talk – the pictures speak for themselves.

Hi, I'm Pasta and I have been cosplaying since 2008. I specialize in prop making, 3D-modeling & printing, and photography.

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