Number Five – Umbrella Academy Cosplay Photoshoot

Last year in summer, we watched The Umbrella Academy Season 2 on Netflix. While we enjoyed the first season, we got really hooked on the second season and Aby liked Number Five so much, that she ordered his costume. It arrived super quickly and she made a few adjustments to it, before we went out to shoot it. We were so looking forward to make  5’11” tall Aby look like a 13-year-old kid through the magic of perspective and lacking other Academy members to pose with.

A week prior to this, we went location scouting and found some old ruins from a sunken city. Each summer, when it’s really dry and the water level of the lake sinks, it reveals a sunken city that had to be flooded when they built the reservoir dam. Thanks to climate change, we get to see more of that city each year.
The location was kind of perfect for Five’s apocalypse scenes though and Aby even had a Dolores to go with it.

A couple weeks later, we had another photoshoot in an abandoned building and used smoke bombs for the first time.

Number 5 Cosplay by Aby

Photography by Pasta

Hi, I'm Pasta and I have been cosplaying since 2008. I specialize in prop making, 3D-modeling & printing, and photography.

  • Julius G
    May 27, 2021at7:24 am

    Hi! Where did you order the outfit from? It looks amazing and I’ve been thinking about cosplaying Five too, one day! Would be awesome to hear from you, have a nice day!

  • Luke
    December 19, 2021at11:32 pm

    Hello, i just started Umbrella Academy and the cosplay of Number Five is just perfect !! Is it real hair or a wig ? Have a nice day 🙂

    • Aby
      August 22, 2022at1:27 pm

      Hey Luke and thank you so much for the comment <3 It's actually my real hair - I went to the hairdresser showing her a photo of the character. She was slightly weirded out but did a great job!
      I wish you all the best with you Number Five cosplay <3

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