Sam Porter Bridges – Death Stranding – Photoshoot

Take a look at our very first “test” photo shoot with Pasta’s Sam Porter Bridges cosplay! We’ve worked on our Death Stranding cosplays for over six months now and we’re still not really done. If you’re interested in our progress on this costume, check out the Build Blog. We originally wanted to participate in a cosplay competition with this and therefore built almost all of the costume from scratch!

We started working on our Death Stranding costumes in December 2019, you know, before all conventions were cancelled and living in isolation while depending on orders from Porters became reality. Ironically, this somehow didn’t really help us getting motivated to finish the costumes, mostly because we didn’t have proper deadlines anymore. We planned on wearing these costumes with a big group at Dokomi 2020, but obviously that didn’t happen. Our friend Symphonia Cosplay, Aby and I also wanted to participate in the ECG preselections there, but of course this cosplay competition got postponed as well.

Sam is one of the most elaborate costumes we’ve built up to date, and we wanted to have a test photo shoot with the cosplay to figure out what would need improvement and how well it would survive a convention day or contest. At this point, we didn’t have everything ready, some stuff didn’t work out and the backpack even broke at one point. We also forgot to bring batteries for the cufflink, haha.

We still love the results of the first photo shoot and hope that you enjoy them too! All of the photos (and videos) were taken by Aby and edited by Pasta. The costume is also worn by Pasta.

We can’t wait to have a proper, bigger photoshoot with the updated costume, Higgs and our friend Fragile (Please check out Symphonia Cosplay by the way, she’s an amazing cosplayer and friend! She also crafted the edible Cryptobiotes and sent us some – how cool is that?? They’re also delicious af and they crunch when you eat them, they’re perfect! She also crafted and sent us the Fragile Express bracelets).

We hope you enjoy the photos!


Hi, I'm Pasta and I have been cosplaying since 2008. I specialize in prop making, 3D-modeling & printing, and photography.

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